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arin | burda architekten was founded when both well established design companies Arin + Partner, architecture and urban planning and i-tect, intelligent architecture (in China registered as Huakailide) had decided to join forces. The combined eperience of numerous projects in different fields of urban and building design enabled our new association to even better serve the demands of clients, inhabitants and building users. 

Hence our project history can be traced back to the 1980s and includes large urban planning projects, building refurbishments, extensions and upgradings even of preservation listed buildings. Within a few years our portfolio grew with architecture competitions, energy efficient new housing projects and hotels.

Starting from 2003 we planned many housing estates, residential buildings, high rise office buidings and hotels as well as industrial buildings in China and the Middle East. And with our florishing company in China we also realized large-scale master plannings, as well as interior designs and refurbishments of residential houses, luxury hotels, shopping malls and airports.

Especially after the merger in 2012 arin | burda architekten took on widely recognized large-scale projects such as the „Wohnpanorama“ in Berlin with more than 20.000 m² gross area, the upgrading of Meilan Airport in China with a gross area of 80.000 m² and the refurbishment of the east wing of Phoenix Airport in China with a gross area of 30.000 m² respectively.

On top of that arin | burda architekten is part of a company group that developes, plans and realizes various projects that are either liquidated or added to our portfolio of real estate objects. For further information about other companies of our group please kindly refer to Klarbau GmbH & Co Berlin KG, Hadese Bau GmbH, Plus Umfeld GbR oder Burda & Zell GmbH.